Let me first off by saying that my 920 is going to repair, so it is possible that my phone is just jacked up, but I noticed these issues before the phone started having other issues.

I like many others, had issues with my battery life. I was hoping it happened to be a few apps that just needed updating, but it turned out it was not. I decided to hard reset my phone, and voila. battery was much much better.

The first thing I noticed that my battery saver before the hard reset would only read 14 hours at 100%. Even if I didn't touch the phone, it would die in 14 hours. After the hard reset at 100% I would get 1 day and 22 hours. Now I know that the battery saver percent isn't always 100% right, but I used it to diagnose my issues.

After the hard reset everything worked great for about a week, and I then decided to install my apps again. I only use about 10 apps in total besides the built in hubs like the People Hub. I installed my apps and everything seemed to be ok. I pinned Facebook to my start screen with a double wide, and it worked for about a day, then once again died. It would appear to flip over like it was going to display something, but would be blank, and other times it would just show a status from days ago.

So I checked my battery saver and once again at 100% read 14 hours.

So I decided to delete the app, but after a few days of deleting the app, my battery still once again would only give me 14 hours on a charge.

I did a hard reset again, and my battery went back to being good. I never installed the facebook app and after about 3 weeks, I decided to install the app again to see if it would kill my battery, and reinstalling it did just that. 14 hours max even if I deleted the app.

So my guess is that Facebook with its' special coding is not doing something right. Again this could be that something else is wrong with my phone. I am having heating issues and my battery is sliding around inside my phone. So if you are having issues with your phones battery and have the app installed. Try a hard reset, and don't install the facebook app.