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    Do any of you guys have a problem when you start the music app and start playing and the sound is super low? It somehow fixes if you restart though.
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    I had this problem once pre-Portico. Just did a reset and it cleared. Give that a try
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    I get this sometimes after I watch a video (Like on Youtube for example)... its a bug.
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    Happens to me sometimes when I switch between audio applications, like going from Nokia Music to Audible player, restart always fixes it, I have been able to fix by exiting the apps and then starting the one I want, but not always. It hasn't happened recently, I think it might have been fixed in a recent update...
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    Well I've reset the phone but the issue still occurs. I notice now it happens after I watch a netflix video. All other sound emitting features (didn't know how to word it here) will be super low sound.
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    I faced this issue just once, out of the blue. I just skipped to a new track and that was it...i did a soft reset and hadnt faced this issue since.
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    It hasn't happened since updated to Portico
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    I had this problem often when watching YouTube video then going to Xbox/Nokia music.I need to restart my phone everytime this happens.

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