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    Hi, I'm on my second l920, everything was great but few days ago I noticed that sometimes display of my phone turns off itself for half a second or show something that look like noise from empty tv channel(when I touch the screen, noise disappears). It happens randomly. For me It looks like software related defect but I'm not sure. Has anyone encountered the same issue? What can I do with it?

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    Nerver heard of that issue before...

    First you can try fixing it with a soft-reset (middle and volume down button for at least 10 sec)
    Second you can try the hard-reset (settings->about->reset)

    If still having the problem afterwards it must be a hardware issue. -> go get replacement or reparation for the device.
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    I tried soft-resetting it, will see how it goes.
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    Damn, it happened again...
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    I've had a similar problem, but only on my lock screeen, but the date and time stamps still show.
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    Very strange... But as autumnride suggested give the hard reset a try.. If that too does no help.. Rush for a replacement...
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    I had the same thing happen. A hard reset will clear it, but even so the AT&T store exchanged it without question or comment and my new one has not had any issues since. Mine did it while talking on the phone. Call went fine but I couldn't hang-up or end the call nor did it clear itself and I couldn't even do a simple power-down.

    I wonder if it happens often based on the fact they didn't even try and diagnose the problem.
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    Hard reset? Damn... Maybe I will wait for portico update, I can't lose my progress in "Where is my water" :|
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    I am having a slightly different situation. My screen seems to know randomly start to "speckle" it starts to look like a star field on a black background, the UI movement is choppy, and there is a strip at the very top (like a TV channel that is scrambled) If it prgresses it changes the color resolution of the screen completely. The only thing i can do it turn off the screen and the screen reverts to normal. This started yesterday and I only had the phone for a week. Starting to be concerned. Anyone else seeing this??

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