Hi there,

I just recently bought a black L920 and it has been working perfectly up until the audio stopped.

I was watching some youtube videos when I decided to plug in my headphones. The video was playing great, the audio was clear, until the sound started crackling and bam there was no more sound. I didn't think much of it right away since it was late night. When I woke up I did a quick soft reset and the audio came back... for a bit. So I did a soft reset again but this time it didn't fix it. During the day the audio came back again randomly for a hour or two and went away again. The weird thing is that when I plug in my headphones the audio is there, but not without.

I googled the problem with various keywords and could find nothing. The sound was working well right before i plugged in my headphones that night.

Any ideas on how to resolve this...