This has been posted before, but after 4 units, I felt the need to make another thread about this.

I got my 920 on the first week of release from Rogers.
I absolutely love the screen on it, unfortunately the battery leaves a lot to be desired, the reception is poor, there is dust under the front camera, and the screen stays black during calls sometimes.

I figured I'd try to get a replacement, see if that would fix my issues.
I received 3 replacements, each of those replacements had a MUCH inferior screen.

Just by looking at the white text I was able to tell the difference instantly, it looks warmer, like it has a yellowish tint.
On EVERY tile on my start screen, I notice it, since most tiles have white.
The black background is no where near as black as my original screen either.

A friend of mine who also bought it first week has the same screen as my original, I showed her the replacements and even she noticed it right away.
I don't know what to do, I have the option to switch to a brand new replacement, but the color temp really bothers me.