I've browsed the forums and searched for various podcasting threads to see if there has been a problem like the one I'm having, but I haven't seen one yet. The issue is that I've tried to subscribe to some new podcasts, confirm the series settings and all the basic set-up stuff, but when I go to take a look at my subscribed podcasts the new ones I've subscribed to do not show up anywhere. I go to the marketplace to search for them again and when I find them it is saying that I'm subscribed but still does not show up under the general listing of my podcasts and the episodes are not downloading. Also, the phone seems to only be downloading new episodes of some podcasts and not others. I click on one to see if there have been any new ones released and it just says waiting for Wi-Fi for one that was released on the 28th of December. Any ideas on how I can go about fixing this?