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    My Lumia 920 did not show text message notification for few days.
    I only know there is a new message when I click into the messaging threads list.
    I have checked my settings and I can't find any solution.

    May I ask for solution here?

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    How long have you had the device? Is this a new issue or have you seen it before?

    PM me for more details
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    Reboot. Other weird random things happen every so often. Rebooting is the common fix. I know, annoying, but for v 1.0 product its expected. The iPhone never really rocked a solid OS for the first few years either.
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    I noticed I am having the same problem. by reboot do you mean the "reset your phone" option under settings or just a power off/on? I would rather not have to reset my phone and lose my info but the typical power cycle isnt doing the trick

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