Hi all,

I'm starting to get fed up.

I had my first Lumia 920 exchanged becaus my conversation partners complained they would not understand me. One once told me I'd sound like on the yoghurt cup phones we used to build as kids. I tried going back to 3G (have 4G coverage here), but it did not help.

I replaced the second device because the proximity sensor was dead. When taking the phone off the ear during a call, the display stayed black. You couldn't even hang up the phone because the touchscreen was disabled.

And now I have the sound problem again with the third device. As soon as I speak longer people tell me the sound is interrupted over and over again and they do not understand me.

I can hear them perfectly, though.

Can anyone confirm those sound problems for his conversation partners? Is this a Swisscom issue? Or are there other networks as well?

I cant believe I got the second device with a sound issue, and everyone else claims the sound is perfect.

Regards and thank you