I'm just now starting to test out the video recording capability of the Lumia 920 for content creation. This first project was a simple front facing cam with phone on tripod, in available light and no external mic. I just used the phone to capture audio and video. (This is also a shameless promotion of my blog. I thought I'd get that out there before the cynics lined up for attack) :)

I noticed two issues. 1. There was some audio static in the beginning and it may have been caused by an incoming notification. Should that concern me? I mean if I shoot something more serious, I'll go in airplane mode, but if I'm at a concert or something, I don't want to have to do that. 2. The second thing I noticed is that it seemed to be hunting for white balance. I knew it would hunt for focus in certain situations, but the white balance issue is more concerning to me.

Well, here it is and I hope you don't get COAL!! :)

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