Hi Guys,

I have really been following the Hike Messaging App, which is competitor to WhatsApp. Follow the link for its case study here - Going 'Global' with a Mobile App - The Hike case study

Hike website - hike - fun, free messaging for life

I think we should get along, download this app - try to use it on our Lumia/HTC devices. I am saying this because I see the whole buzz and temptation for WhatsApp, however I also notice people complain about it's functionality with some music controls. I am actually a BB user using whatsapp, got myself a Lumia 920 but haven't had a chance to switch phones yet. Though been reading reviews on WhatsApp. I want my friends to switch over to Hike but it's a pain to ask everyone. Anyways, I would love it if you guys can try it out and give me some feedback on how the app is, so maybe when I finally make a switch to the 920, I would know what messaging app do I really need.