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    Hi everyone.

    I am now with my second Lumia, exchanged my first one when I managed to prove Phones4U that I can discharge it 100% to dead within 2 hours.
    The new Lumia seems to behave exactly the same way. (had it for a day so far)
    Looses around 4% per hour (sometimes listening to music), and around 20%+ in the 1-1.5 hour period that I travel and read reddit (Baconit), forums (Board Express), news sites (Geekbytes, tech news now), Facebook.

    Here is my battery log of today, the time I use the excessively is only while travelling, which is from 7:40AM to 9AM, and when I am travelling back home which is 6PM to 8PM, otherwise its on standby.

    You can clearly see the steep drops when I'm using the phone, also usually the phone becomes really warm during travel, especially while in facebook.
    If I would not charge the phone at work, it would die halfway home.

    Also, please see the screenshots of the apps that I have working in the background:

    Is everyone else getting the same sort of battery life for 3-4 hours browsing a day? Am I just expecting too much?
    It seems crazy that the phone lasts only around 12 hours with only 3 hours of usage, my grandpa appleFone 4 used to last days if I wasn't using it.

    What am I doing wrong? I am back at home, and the battery is back at 63% now (9:30PM) where as it was 100% when I left work at 6PM.
    By the time I'll go to bed it will be at 20% again.

    Should I try to get an exchange again?

    Another question off topic, how do I search my own music libraries? For example, I know the last 3 words of the song name (apart from the first one), don't remember the artist, and I can't seem to find a way to search my own music libraries.

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    Uninstall Skype and block Nokia Drive+
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    Once it dies, is it able to power up again in zombie mode? How has the newest updates affected it? Are you able to hard reset it and see if it helps at all?
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    I've completely removed skype and nokia drive. Will see if that helps in any way tomorrow. I haven't allowed it to die fully yet, as had only for 48 hours.

    Newest updates, you mean for facebook? I've restored from a backup yesterday, which seemed to grab the latest version 4.1.
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    I meant the newest Nokia updates. Some people, me included, got better battery performance with them.
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    Yeah, I think 3-4 hours of heavy use (esp things that grab data from LTE and/or WiFi, and also games) will put this phone down to around 20%. That's pretty much been my experience.

    The standby is pretty good for me. I charge up to 100% before bed and 8 hours later I still have a 100% charge. However, once it's ticked down under 99%, it's registers 1-2% loss an hour in standby.

    I've seen people say things about their battery lasting 30-60 hours+, and I'm convinced that these people aren't really using the device much at all.

    Anyway, yeah I think that this phone's battery just isn't that great. To be honest though, I could run through my iPhone's (3GS) battery with 4 hours of heavy use.

    If you'd like to exercise your battery and compare your battery performance to mine, see this thread: 920 Battery Survey/Experiment

    Finally, I don't think there is a way to keyword search your music. Sorry.
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    I still have my original 920 from launch day. Didn't see the point in returning it just to get another phone with horrible battery life. The horrible battery life seems to be the norm and not the exception. I have really tried to give phone the benefit of the doubt. All of my previous phones have had far more notifications and use through out the day with far better battery life. My 920 sits around as a paperweight because if I use it, I won't make it through the day. I have had to downsize from 5 email accounts to 2, due away with gmail, turn all FB and twitter notifications off. Stop all background tasks but TWC. And I have tried all the suggestions in forums except hard reset because I don't want to brick phone or take the time to set it back up. I have my normal upgrade in May2013 and this phone is going to be replaced, hopefully with Surface phone. Used Nokia for years, but this phone has been all hype and very little delivery. Love the OS, but Nokia should have removed wireless charging and added more battery. I now know why MS didn't officially make 920 the flagship phone and it was a good call.
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    My gf's 920 just hit the wall. Month two, no new apps, used to be 80% after day of light usage, now 15%. What happened?
  9. #9  
    Yeah I'm quite convinced my battery is also screwed. With light use (probably in standby 80+% of the time), it is down to 20% within 8 hours. The standby life seems passable but as soon as i start using it, (just browsing the internet/maps/texting) it powers down at about 10% per 30 min.

    Also, it takes at least 4 hours to charge up to 100%

    I am quite sure that there is a problem with my battery life and I am going to send it to nokia for repairs once i get back to Australia
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaaaaaaaaabriel View Post
    The standby life seems passable but as soon as i start using it, (just browsing the internet/maps/texting) it powers down at about 10% per 30 min.
    Just curious, but are you saying that the screen is on for a half hour straight while doing this and that, and you're losing 10%?

    I've only had one other smart phone prior to this 920. To me that seems normal, maybe even good, considering the size and brightness of the display. I don't know. I don't have a lot to compare it to.
  11. Davidkoh's Avatar

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    For me the Facebook App rapes my battery life for some reason. Makes my 920 warm and battery just drains away. Something is seriously wrong with that app. Think it might be constantly using the LTE to get updates while it is being launched.
  12. James8561's Avatar

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    REMOVE skype and soft reset phone. make sure your microsoft account isn't stuck in constant sync because of skype.
    turn off everything that you don't use including but not limited to: Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc

    make sure to keep pressing the back key until your home screen is the only thing that's left. (basically a terrible way to force close all programs but it's the only way until the next update)
    my phone last on average 2 days with light usage and one day 40% with heavy usage.
  13. cbrunn2's Avatar

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    I don't think I've read this yet in here...

    remove battery status

    run it to it completely turns off ... then let it charge for 12 hours ... don't touch it just let it charge ... at least that fixed mine... hope that helps

    some people said when it shuts off turn it back on and run it again until it dies (It took me 3 times to get it to turn back on after it shut off , but I was to tired so I didn't keep running it again until it shut off, I just let it charge for a good 12 hours)
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    My problem is I don't want to "tinker" with my phone to get it to work right. I spent year and a half with BB tinkering to make things work. I left BB because I wanted a phone that just works. I don't want to post edit pics and hard reset to make battery work. I wanted a phone I could setup and use fully. What's the point of having all the features 920 has and WP8 offers if I can't use them and make it through the day?

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