I don't know if these are bugs or "working as intended". If the latter, I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

  1. Adjusting the alarm volume.
    The volume for the alarm is quite loud (which can be a good thing), but I can't seem to adjust it any. Even when I adjust the ringer volume, the alarm seems to go off incredibly loudly. Am I doing it wrong, or is there just no way to adjust the volume of the alarms?
  2. Backing up text messages.
    For some reason, the option to backup text messages is grayed out on my phone. "app list+settings" works fine, and "photos" works fine, but the only options I have available under "text messages" are "Chat backup", "Use Facebook Chat", and "Group text". ("Chat backup" didn't even show up until after the first time I logged in to Facebook Chat.)
    One of my friends who also has a Lumia 920 took a look at my phone and couldn't figure out why I didn't have an option to back up texts. Anyone have any ideas about what I'm missing?
  3. Voice to text in car.
    On my old phone, a Samsung Focus, I had no problems replying vocally to text messages in my car (a 2011 Fiesta with Microsoft Sync) and having my speech turned into text. With the same vehicle, my Lumia 920 will not give me an option to reply to a text I've received. My only options are to call the person or to "hang up". My aforementioned friend reports no problems replying with voice-to-text in his Kia Soul (which I think uses UVO, though I'm not sure how different it is from Sync.)
    Does anyone else have a problem replying to text messages with Sync? Should I try to delete the phone from my car and re-pair the two?

I appreciate any help or ideas that can be offered.