I bought a Lumia 920 on Craigslist new for $450, and I was planning to use it abroad, specifically in Hong Kong. I will be there for 10 months, so using AT&T international services is not going to be an option. I called CS and asked them if I could get it unlocked - I gave them the IMEI, and the nice lady on the phone told me that "No AT&T customer or any individual is eligible for unlocks" and that's straight from Nokia. I will try calling AT&T again in Hong Kong again to see if they'll unlock it, but according to the CS representative, the there is no official way to unlock the AT&T Lumia 920

For us with AT&T L920's, we can do the following:
- Switch to a AT&T MVNO such as Straight Talk, which won't require any unlocking (100% guaranteed to work)
- Hope someone on XDA releases an unlocker - so far you can only change the firmware on the phone to another carrier's, but from the comments on XDA it seems that it still remains locked no matter the firmware.
- Wait it out for an official unlock
- Pay for a 3rd party unlock service, however none seems to work according to user comments here

In conclusion - if you're looking to buy a no-contract AT&T Lumia 920 for use on anything but the AT&T network, don't.

Note - I will update this thread if I ever unlock the AT&T Lumia 920.