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    I've been experiencing a variety of intermittent issues with my nokia 920 (hot battery, battery life, etc...)

    However, I am also noticing when swiping between songs in WP8 XBox music app, that there is a distinct lag in the album art sliding animation. The audio switches fine, but the album art will literally get stuck for 2-3 seconds mid animation. The only time it behaves normal is when I've swiped between the same 2-3 songs (it appears it could be some sort of cache/load issue). Anyone experience this?

    The other issue is that music playback will cut out all together. Even with audio on max, I and music apparently playing, no audio is coming out of the device with and without headphones plugged in. The only workaround is to jump into a game and exit or reboot the device. This one is very intermittent but also very annoying.
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    I have a buddy w this, did it ever clear up for you?
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    I experience these same Xbox Music issues on my Samsung Ativ S. The software is just broken. MS needs to fix it yesterday.

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