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    Until the other day, I was able to play videos on my Nokia Lumia 920 that I copied from my PC. Now, they do not play and I get an error message " Sorry, we can't play this file for you on your phone" and a code "80070003". Does anyone know what this means or what I need to do to fix it? Thanks!!
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    Anybody...Anybody... Bueller...Bueller....
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    I have exactly the same issue any help would be appreciated?
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    What format were those videos you were playing before?

    Are you not able to play ANY videos, or just the ones that were transferred from your computer. Try taking a video through your 920 and then try to play it back. If you are able to play it, I guess you can strike one issue off. Next try to convert one of the videos in MP4 format, or download a video in MP4 format and try playing that in your phone.

    The one thing I can suggest is try a Factory reset. That usually helps with most of the problems.
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    Thanks for the advice. These are MP4's that played the other day and now no video will play at all. I really don't want to reset my phone but if I have to, I will...
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    Videos that were made by the L920 ply back fine but any other video will not play and give the same error message... These videos all played previously...
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    happened to me when I pulled the Sim card out. I think it probably has to do with DRM protection.
    sure you already tried this, won't hurt to mention though. reboot, make sure you have a connection to the net (cellular or wifi).
    just a guess...
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    i'm in the same boat... files are not able to play... WTF IS GOING ON!!! do i have a lemon?
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    I did a hard reset on the phone today and now I can play the videos that would not play on the phone before... Strange... one day they all played and the next, they didn't...

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