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    I'm experiencing an odd issue, and I'm not sure if it's related to WP8 or Lumia 920.

    All of the phone sounds (music, video, phone rings, alarms, keypress feedback, the "thinking" sound when you do a voice search, games, etc) come through headphones, but not through the speakers. I have the volume up, and the "bell" set to ring+vibrate.

    I don't think it's stuck thinking that headphones are plugged in - when I go to the audio settings section (audio, not ringtones+sounds), the equalizer page switches between the settings and telling me I need to use an audio cable when I plug and unplug the headphones.

    The last time I can remember having sound through the speakers was a couple days ago when I was playing the game Chain Reaction, and I used the in-game option to turn sound off. I have since turned the sound back on in the game, but no dice. I'm wondering if turning the sound off somehow triggered some universal mute, and turning sound on didn't properly reverse the setting, but that seems unlikely.

    Any other thoughts? Is the speaker just busted?
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    so, did you fix it? I am experiancing exactly the same issue. It started after i was playing around with music sequencing apps.
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    You can try to plug and unplug a jack or a stick of any kind until its unlocked but it will probably come back a few times. It's not really a permanent fix. The other possibility is to change the headphone socket. It costs a few dollars on eBay and it's very easy to change.
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    I had the same thing happen to me a month ago. I did everything searching what people tried to do, simple stuff. Ultimately I bought an OEM headphone jack on eBay for about $8. Had to get precision tools from home depot (got a T5, then returned it after I was done lol). Do a YouTube search on unassemble Lumia 920. Removing the headphone jack is probably step #3, so its easy and fast. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm on the Lumia 920 also. Just think the hardware is breaking down.
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    My issue had to do with the external speakers not working. The headphones were fine. They ended up replacing the phone for free since I'd only had it for a few days.

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