Hello everyone I was excited when nokia announce the ne flagship phone lumia 920 even with boring presentation they should learn from apple marketing team because I was nokia fan tell 2008.
let me start my story after the announcement I begin following all the news about the phone in the release date it was shock news the phone lock too orange t moblie and ee im on o2 but even though i like to buy unlocked phone because my job requirement to travel too much so I start surfing web to try to get unlocked one I ordered form more then one online store but all them laying about dates keep extends the dates then I cancel the order I order in more then one web site about 3 or 4 and some of them increases the price .
I forget to say I like gadgets I have Iphone 4 gs3 and bbm I think it not the time for wp8 for what happen to me maybe nokia dose not want to take my money i will go to note 2 instead I was planning for full switch for win8 but what I have heard the problems in wp8 and some major apps still not existe.
I will wait tell mid of 2013 and see what will happen with wp8.

do agree with me.

In between sorry for my poor English, because English not my native Language.