Just got the call that my unlocked international white Lumia 920 is shipping out this evening via UPS from the store in chicago. My N9 has really been acting up on me and i just had to pull the trigger and get the white one although my first preference is the stealth grey. They store received stock today of only 180 white ones with all but 5 gobbled up within the last hour. The guy told me since i paid for my phone already, its up to me to take it now or wait until they get stock again which he couldnt say when , as he told me stock is really hard to come by at the moment.

He told me it seems there is a major problem with everyone in the states getting stocks of these phones especially the colored ones. So i was left with no choice but the pull the trigger on the white which was my second choice after the stealth grey. So i will have the phone in my hands either tommorow evening or monday.

I will take pics and make an unboxing video when i receive. I feel relieved knowing the phone is on its way. :happy: