Hi all,

I got the phone yesterday and turned my iPhone 5 off for a while, at least until I decide for sure that I like WIN8 and the 920 better, I need a change.

I set-up my emails and calendars and have a couple of questions.
I am using 1 gmail account (personal) and my work email account on Entourage (MAC).

The problem that I am having is that the 920 does not update my computer when I read emails, they still appear as unread on my computer.
When I schedule a meeting on my computer, it appears on my phone but when I delete it through my phone it still remains on my computer.

This is frustrating and will definitely not allow me to keep working with this phone but I feel like I am doing something wrong, it must work, it's very basic.

Anyway, other than that, I love the phone so far, very different than the iOS but a refreshing change.

Thank you for helping!