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    Has anyone had any success with Consumer Cellular(CC) and the lumia 900?

    In preparation for using the 900 with cc I called AT&T and received an unlock code. It turned out to be unnecessary/unusable. I was never asked for it, possibly because CC uses AT&Ts network.
    Phone calls & SMS work fine. But so far I am unable to go online or use MMS. I have changed the apn via settings (to att.mvno) and after that didn't work, I have downloaded the network setup app from Nokia to change both the Web and MMS setting to those recommended by CC to no avail.

    I've also tried various permutations gleaned from the web, which have also failed.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has been successful?

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    Have you tried the settings on this page?
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    After some digging and trial & error, I have found that these settings work on my Lumia 920.

    Windows Phone 8

    Internet APN
    APN = att.mvno
    Leave everything else blank

    APM = att.mvno
    WAP Gateway URL =
    Port = 80
    MMSC URL =
    Port = 80
    Max MMS Size = 99999
    Leave everything else blank
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    Kind of off topic but how is CC a good deal with a smart phone if you plan on using data? It seems like there are better options for att mvno.
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    I put a Lumia 520 on CC. To get internet I got the Apn settings emailed from CC,But I had to put them in twice. Now full 4G with no problems.
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    i have also have such problem. learn it!
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    Thanks so much. I would have been spared a lot of time wasted on the phone with CC if I'd come here first.
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    Thanks for the post. CC tech support was worthless. My Nokia 920 works fine now for mms text and photos.

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