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    Yesterday I had an odd issue....
    My phone would receive text messages...it would show the toast notification and the tile would update to show the message count.

    As soon as i entered the tile to view the message hub, it did not show the text message...

    In fact my brother had been texting me through out the day....and he sent a text and the phone did not update to show the text...it only showed a text message from 2-3 hours beforehand.

    Even the lock screen showed the current text message but the message hub would not show me the text...

    Anytime i would try and send a text message out...the phone did not show i had even text anyone...

    I tried 3-4 times with different numbers.

    Finally, I did a factory reset and it seems to have fixed the problem but i was a bit confused...I wonder has anyone ever heard of this happening?
    The factory reset wasn't that big a deal as WP8 has an awesome back-up feature but not something i always want to do. The text issue hasn't happened since i did the reset.
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    I've seen this happening with clock errors
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    That's odd. My phone had a weird issue with the texts, too. It didn't do this at the time when I was texting but duplicated texts in a conversation. As long as this doesn't reflect toward my text messages count, it's not a big deal, though.
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    are you talking about geting your own texts in group text messages? Because Im having this issue too. It's annoying more than anything, but i don't think it should be having issue like this. Windows 8 should be solid. Even so i still love my Lumia 810. I hope some people at Microsoft will fix some issues.
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    oh no it wasn't the group messaging(i forgot tthis could do that)...it was just a one on one text issue.
    hasn't popped up since the other day when i reset though.

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