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    I can't play my music because it either says this file can't be played on your phone or it skips every song and pauses on the last song in the album. Anyone else having issues?
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    Yes, I'm having the same issue... there's another post about it. This is what I posted there as a response.

    I assume that you mean Zune Music Pass (Xbox Music Pass). I will let you know that I'm experiencing the exact same issue right now, which probably means it's a somewhat widespread issue.
    It's a weird one too because it's only affecting streaming; meaning that you can still download songs from the Store with the Music Pass and listen to them just fine but not stream them. The same problem replicates in the Zune PC software but not on Xbox Music on Windows 8.

    My guess is that it's just a server issue on their side and will fix itself (hopefully soon), but at least you can still download the songs and listen to them that way.

    Unless someone knows something I don't?
    Hopefully it gives you peace of mind the fact that is not just occurring to you and it's nothing you did.
    Much Love!
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    Why thank you :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Po_MD View Post
    Why thank you :)
    It should be back now ;)

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