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    Is it unusual that my 521 doesn't have any exterior mobile branding?

    I thought they were supposed to say T-Mobile at the bottom?
    -Chances are, I'm guessing.
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    Depends on where you got it from.

    New Ones the Branding is removed from them now, when they first came out it had the T-Mobile branding

    see this thread..

    No T-Mobile logo?
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    Mine doesnt have any branding either.

    Got if from a walmart... I prefer it not to have the branding honestly.. spend most of my time yesterday deleting the Tmobile apps :P
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    MetroPCS is selling Lumia 521's, and I don't believe there is any branding on the exterior. Not sure if they aren't branding any devices, since that way they can be made T-Mobile or MetroPCS, or if just a certain percentage aren't being made with logos.
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    Bought mine 2 weeks ago at a T-Mo store in Atlanta, and it has no external T-Mo branding

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