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    Hello to everyone! :)
    I bought Nokia Lumia 520 yesterday (Oslo, Norway). It is sim free model. It was easy to start using this phone and I was very satisfied but in one momment Store stoped to give results. In all categories are "No results". First I look on internet for problem and I was thinking that it wil be solved by self. Problem has started yesterday. I am using house WiFi and all other things work (Internet explorer, App highlights, HERE maps...). I created XBOX live user but also I can't use because I can't find games (same problem on Store). I am using only my WiFi because I have sim card wich don't support mobile data (on purpous I use that type of sim card).

    Is anyone have this problem or knows solution? At first I was very glad in phone and WP but now this problem is big pain because I need Store for apps...
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    Have you tried restarting your phone?
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    Try doing a soft reset
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    Having same,issues Here om my lumia 925, also my wifes new lumia 820 gets this error.
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    No hard, or soft reset will fix this. Its a server problem with outlook (from what I could find by googling it)
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    Temp solution is to use "app highlights" the Nokia app, and you can find apps there, also search works in that app. (only Nokia devices)
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    Thank you very much for sugestions! I try restarting classic and soft but that didn't help... I hope that problem will be solved very soon!
    I like this forum and I will try to be regular member! :)
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    Samme problemet for meg og en kompis (han jobber i Microsoft Norge) og han har meldt videre.
    Så det er altså ikke noe galt med din feiende flotte nye telefon ;)
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    It is working now! I am impressed with my phone and now I am glad that all works. It is pity that users of such a good phone like Lumia must be upset with problems with Store (I saw many threads with this problem but here I get answers).
    Thak you!
    Takk for svar, Kjetil Smedsrud! :)
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    Can you plz tell me what you Posts in this thread I can't understand your language
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stark890 View Post
    Can you plz tell me what you Posts in this thread I can't understand your language
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    soft reset didnt works...
    any other solution ???

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