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    I think it won't sell as much as the other devices on the market.
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    Hard to say with only a week out there and no numbers. But with the price tag and touted for it's camera, it's not going to be for everyone. It will be interesting to see some numbers because I think there is a market for it.
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    Coming from me, someone who hasn't owned a Nokia phone since 2003. Nokia / Windows Phone is extremely niche in comparison to the other two. I'm transitioning because all I really care about on a phone is the camera. I originally got the 4s a while back because it was one of the better camera phones but it's been completely surpassed at this point and I don't think anything will beat the Lumia 1020 for a while.

    The high price tag, the fact it's niche (windows phone) and only available on one carrier (at&t).. I think the numbers will be below expectations, but hopefully I am wrong.
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    Lumia 1020 is niche product, but it should carry high profit margin for Nokia
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    I think it came in with such a high prices to boost the high end numbers.. It is not expected to be selling in droves.. I think once the supply increases and the next lumia high end is release it will go to 150 or 199 and be selling good.. It may sell well in UK and Europe.. esp; with the 64 GBs.
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    I think they will sell quite a few. My parents are both commoners (they don't follow the tech world and only use their tablets for the browser) and they have been asking me about it.
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    At the small AT&T store where I went last Friday, they said they had 40 in stock at the start of the day and had sold over half by 6pm. They were out of stock on black and many accessories. I got the last camera grip and another customer was really disappointed went I was checking out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chucky View Post
    I think it won't sell as much as the other devices on the market.
    If you think as big a seller as the Iphone and the GS4? No

    If you think a big seller as for the current market right now? Possibly, it does attract photo enthusiasts and those wanting something different but sales will be limited due to AT&T only device.
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    Saw this earlier today, Nokia Lumia 1020 Sales Analysis: Is the Lumia 1020 already a flop? | BGR. Not sure if its really credible or not though. Either way I don't think it'll be a huge seller. The next flagship 920 would probably be the safer bet.

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