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    Aha bright pixels seen on a white screen is called hot pixels. My HTC 8X has 2 areas which leak light, very ugly.
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    Yeah I mean the exact same thing. Not light leaking, but I didn't know how to say what you were saying. But I also have that on my HTC 8x. 2 very large "dots" and it is very annoying because it is visible on white screen (glows bright on presenting a white screen). I'm gonna buy a surface rt tomorrow, I hope my screen stays beautiful.
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    I was thinking about it, and since the phone isn't a year old of course I have warranty. But I got it from my carrier (telfort) but I don't know how to handle such thing. I think I could drop by at a local telfort shop to ask if they accept this kind of defects for returns or replacements.
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    I have a stuck pixel right now. I see it every time I swipe up from the bottom in IE11. I'm not worried because I've seen them in the past and it will eventually go away. I know it's not a dead pixel because it only shows in IE11 and not in other apps.
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    Have you tried resetting?
    "Engineering is more than just the number of megapixels." - Stephen Elop
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    I had a dead pixel on my SRT, tried all apps for fixing stuck pixels - no luck. Returned it at local MS store without a problem. They looked at it, confirmed the dead pixel and gave me a new one right there (after backing up my data from old one to SkyDrive).
    hope you can get yours fixed or replaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inteller View Post
    it is a manufacturing flaw not a software one. I will not wipe my surface to fix a hardware problem.
    Didn't mean wipe, merely turning it on and off.
    "Engineering is more than just the number of megapixels." - Stephen Elop

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