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    So me being the good friend I am, I briefly owned a surface of my own but I gave the surface to my friend as a gift...long story.

    I plan to buy a surface this weekend if possible however I am buying two. I really have no need for the pro version and I am buying a rt for my little bro.

    Can a cheap USB keyboard I purchased from best buy be attached to the surface? I ask because he seems to have a hard time using the touchpad and typecover things. There is no need for me to buy one for him unless 3rd party keyboards don't work.
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    Yes 3rd party kbs work.. I use an apple Bluetooth keyboard sometimes.. Just got to devices and make sure it is synced
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    Yep. USB Mice, Keyboards work fine. As do bluetooth ones.
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    Just be sure you're ready to use up your one USB port with a keyboard. If you think you may need to insert a USB stick or other USB device, consider a Bluetooth keyboard instead.
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    The Microsoft Wedge Keyboard is really nice! That's a Bluetooth device. And fyi, Surface handles USB splitters very well. Had a usb mouse, keyboard, printer, and flash drive plugged in at once!
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