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    Hey Everybody, My name is Lou. I recently just got a Windows phone HTC 8x. Absolutely loving it so far, not use to windows phone OS but loving it so far cam here to be in some great company and hopefully find some tips and tricks along the way...

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    Hi Lou and welcome to WPCentral!
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    Welcome! Lots of helpful info here.
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    Welcome aboard !
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    Congrats on your windows phone.
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    You picked the right phone. I have to say that because that's the same phone I've got lol
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    Welcome to WPC and great job on purchasing a great device. I honestly want to get an 8X to go with my 920. Which color did you choose?

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    I actually got the blue version... loving it so far still trying to figure out all the little trick and tips about this OS and phone, but def having fun while trying to figure it all out.


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