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    I'm thinking of getting an 8S but I hear nothing but bad things about HTC's battery life. This one has a similar battery and a bigger screen so hopefully it will be better.
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    I can't complain about it. My usual routine is I charge it at work until it's full (while using) and then that's it. Its usually charged by noon, 1, or 2 all depends but I don't charge it again till next day around 10 or 11am. It last pretty long for me unless I use the camera for video and pictures non stop or watching a movie on Netflix.
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    i charge it bedside overnight, and that is it. If I make a ton of phone calls, it might by die by 7pm. I find it about the same as any other smartphone besides my old Blackberry which could go two days before needing charging. With Windows Phones, because of the strict guidelines, most of the phones are pretty much the same. Phones with bigger screens will not last as long. I am pretty sure the 8s will have better battery life because of the smaller screen. Have you looked at the battery size?

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