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    Just saw this deal this morning on sprint.com.

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    Excellent news to people who are on Sprint. More choice is better, after all. Well, at the price of free :)
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    A lot of us jumped at it when it was free from Letstalk.com, and for a little bit at $.01 on Amazon. This should make it a compelling sell for people just getting their first smartphone and don't want to spend the money on the iphone or one of the many android offerings, and are just standing in the Sprint store :). I'm quite pleased with it, aside from a couple quirks that I'm hoping will be fixed with the next software update.
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    This is for port in numbers only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Cable View Post
    This is for port in numbers only.
    Also noted that you still have to pay $49 up front for it, then wait for the rebate to come back...

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