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    Hello,so I have the HTC 8X and I have tried doing everything to just turn my phone on, all the way to a hard rest following the steps above. My phone died during a conversation and I plugged it in to charge and it won't turn on and just vibrates every 3-5 seconds. Neither will it charge and no red light comes on. I don't think the battery is shot cause it still vibrates. Any help would be great please and thank you. I also have one had the phone for about 2 months and haven't dropped it nor has it come onto contact with any water (surprising)
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    Try a soft reset then a hard reset if that doesn't work take to a official repair shop or contact customer support or go back to where you brought it explain the problem and ask for a replacement.
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    Had this issue with my first 8x, put it into sleep and it would never wake up, they sent me a brand new one
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