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    My phone just started acting weird a couple days ago -- the volume controls won't leave the screen, which is really annoying at this point . I think there's something wrong with the actual buttons on the side of my 8X because it's almost as if the volume down button is being held down. I can't turn up the volume past 00, either. Because the volume is constantly on screen, I also can't use the back button to back out of any apps. I have no idea what could've caused this, but I've tried everything. Restarting my phone just gives me the "!" screen to which I have to use that special volume down + power button restart option to get the phone booting up again. I've also gone so far as to reset my phone, and I'm upset that I did because it didn't fix anything. It might be a hardware defect but just by looking at the volume buttons on the side, they don't look like they're pressed in. Any ideas on how to fix this once and for all? I'll have to go to my provider if not...
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    I had the exact same problem a month ago. I did a complete reboot to factory settings to no effect. The problem kept resurfacing.
    The problem seems to be in the hardwere buttons, or some bad contact (maybe caused by moist?); so the telephone always thinks the button is being pressed, which also causes the ! to appear at the reboot.

    I was thinking of sending the phone to the repair shop, but got overfrustrated before that, which caused me to furiously mash the volume buttons and the power button (don't overdo it, but press heavier than normal), and belive it or not, the problem was gone after that, not a single time, did it happen since then.

    I hope this helps =)
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    I just encountered a very similar problem. At first the volume kept turning down, but then I re-started the device only to end up in a repeating re-boot loop. The fact that the "!" (exclamation mark) icon kept appearing implies that the volume down button appears to have shorted. The above post mentioning moisture was the final clue - I did use the device a few times in the rain earlier that day. Nothing major but it might make sense of this.

    Attempting the factory reset proved fruitless (probably due to the volume down button apparently being permanently active?)

    There doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong with the volume buttons (both sound and feel OK) but possibly there's some moisture worked it's way into the case? I'm hoping it will dry out (otherwise it's warranty time).

    Such a shame as I LOVE this phone!
  4. gdsaar's Avatar

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    Thanks for the replies. The problem might have been due to contact with water because it was raining that day, though I'm almost sure that my phone was never wet. I was able to stop by a local Verizon retail store and they confirmed it was a hardware issue. I'm set to get a new replacement through warranty. Hopefully it's the same color as the 8X I have now too -- I love the red..
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    To solve this I had to open the phone and disconnect the chip that connects the volume and camera buttons to the mainboard. The buttons no longer function but the phone is usable. It may have been caused by water damage.
  6. Blopss's Avatar

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    Hi !
    I have the same problem except it's stuck on the up volume key ! That can be kind of annoying in libraries for instance

    I also think it can be due to moisture because for me the troubles started when I was in wetlands in east of Mexico. After I got back from this trip everything went back to normal for 3 months, then it has been back since last weekend when I was at the beach. That cannot be a coincidence.

    I guess opening the case and blowing some dry air could solve the problem, but how do we open the case actually ?

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