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    Has anyone noticed an issue where the voice grill is rising on one side? I was feeling the upper edge of my phone and noticed that one side has risen and is actually rough to the finger if you glide across it.
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    I noticed it on my brothers phone a few days ago. All I did was gently press the opposing side and it seems to be normal/flush again. Weird little issue and I wonder if it will crop up over time as it picks up age.
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    What is a voice grill?
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    Mine has been like that since I got mine. Left edge of grill isn't flush.
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    Same here, had it since I got the phone - very small, but noticeable if you're running your finger over it. I was vaguely nervous about whether it would get worse over time, but almost 2 months later it's just fine.

    Nothing to worry about. ;)

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