Hi WPCentral!

I bought an 8X yesterday, got the update and everything works fine except one (nasty) thing.
Some apps can't connect to services like Youtube, Google, Twitter, etc. as if they are blocked.

Example MetroTube (which I was in touch with the support there, great guys):
Open the app - "Oops. Can't connect to youtube"

Example Weave/Fuse rss readers:
When I try to login to my Google account, it just refuses the login/password and the apps give me an error that the login is wrong. Which is not, after several checks.

Example rowi:
The same as with the news readers - it does not even try to connect to twitter, it just refuses the login in an instant.

Example Amazing Weather:
It gives me a connection error when trying to find a location manually or per GPS - this is weird since it does not use google, twitter, etc. Basicall unusable app.

Google, twitter, facebok work fine as an account on the phone though, and youtube works in IE etc.

What could it be? I already did a hard reset, reset, tried wifi only, 3G only, 2G only - I am out of ideas.