I decided to get the Thinkpad Tablet 2 and ordered it, the keyboard and the sleeve. It is starting to ship slowly and figured I'd post reviews and updates as items arrive. The listed ship dates are: Sleeve: 1/3/13; TT2 Keyboard with Stand: 1/9/13; TT2 Tablet: 1/13/13. Hopefully they stick to the schedule or ship early as I'm going nuts waiting!

The first part, the sleeve, arrived today...

It has a great leather feel (even though I'm sure it is not real leather) and the red lining inside definitely gives it a high end feel and would be nice to the screen of the device (perhaps may help eliminate fingerprints???). It is separated into two compartments which are nicely sized. As the sleeve was delivered to my work I was able to take the Surface that we have and see how it fit (as they are both 10.1 devices figured it would give a good idea) and it fit very much like a glove. I think the Tablet 2 will go in it nicely. The word Lenovo is embossed in the "leather" and is done very gracefully and unobtrusively. There is also a nice little pocket that I guess is for a credit card or driver's license or something like that.

This is, in my opinion, a very high end product and well worth the $39.99.