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    I realise this is completely off-topic to WP but I figured you guys are the most likely to be able to help me.

    I just found out about the foundation framework yesterday and so I've put a website together: www.muessig.co.uk.

    I'm testing it out and I notice that the local links for "about" "portfolio" and "contact me" in IE 'snap' to the section but in other browsers it successfully performs the animation. How can I fix this?

    If I test the site on smaller resolution, anything smaller than a tablet, the logo will obscure the menu link - really not sure how to stop this happening.

    Last issue is on different resolutions, the coloured background bar appears in different places, sometimes cutting into the main body text. Is there a way I can serve different versions of this background image to different resolutions?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    I think I figured out most of the problem here.
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    i don't know about Foundation since i'm using Bootstrap Framework. never have any problem here
    sorry can't help u there
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    I recently found out about Bootstrap, and I'm using the bootstrap carousel in the website now. I'm not sure which is better...

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