I'm not getting into anything serious yet, but I've been wanting to play around with the new VoIP features of the WP8 API. However, it's hard to mess around with VoIP without emulating the server backend in some way.

I am not looking into anything like a traditional VoIP app, so I do not want to share my idea for the app publically right now. Right now, what I'm actually trying to do is determine if it's even possible.... and the only way to really do that in this case is write the code and play with it.

I only have experience with TCP, but something like this requires UDP.

If anyone has any experience with sending and receiving audio to and from a server using UDP, please send me a PM if you would be willing to help. Even if you only know a little about it and would like to play with some code to learn and expand some skills, PM me also. I'll pretty much be doing the same thing.

Handling push channels/notifications from the server end will also be needed.