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    Hey Everyone,

    I have made a facebook app that uses the facebook touch interface and I'm looking for beta testers for it.

    The difference between this and other facebook touch browsers is:
    A tile counter for unread items
    toast notifications
    photo upload
    use the back button to go back

    Also I'm trying an exclusive panorama view to have 3 pages open at the same time, which you only need to slide the title to navigate through them.

    If you want to apply, email me at pedromiguelsantos at outlook.com
    with the subject facebook experience beta
    with the email you use on your phone and device model!
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  2. bozza72's Avatar

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    I can test, i have lumia 820
  3. igor pekelny's Avatar

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    If still relevant i would like to test, have HTC 8S
  4. Mr. Brown's Avatar

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    Same hear. I'd also like to test.
  5. Macdaddy0's Avatar

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    if still active ill beta test it...im using nokia lumia 822
    email address is mike22271@live.com

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