Hi all!

I am a software developer from Norway, and a father of a two year old girl :) Just before Christmas I got a Lumia 920, and decided that I wanted to create my first-ever mobile app. I wanted to create an educational game for my daughter, and I started with the simple idea of just being able to match animal pictures with sounds, as animals is something that most kids in that age are really into! The main concept is that you are shown two random animal pictures and you hear a sound that is related to one of them. The objective is simply to click the image that is correct for the sound!

As I started developing the app I came up with a couple of things that would make it more interesting when the basic mode became too easy; In addition to the animals I added two new categories of pictures/sounds:
- At Home: Sounds you would hear at home (vacuum cleaner, phone ringing, etc.)
- Music instruments

In addition to this I made a separate time trial mode for the slightly older kids. In this mode the pictures are hidden, and gradually revealed. The faster you manage to click the correct picture, the more points you get!

I know this is not a very mainstream app, but hopefully there are some fathers like me out there, and I would be grateful if any of you would like to try Sound Guesser. It is currently running only on WP8, but I am planning to make it WP7 compatible soon. I am happy for feedback and suggestions for extensions/changes to the app!

Sound Guesser comes in two versions:

The free version with just the animal category (but both game modes, and no ads!):
Sound Guesser Free | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

The full version with all three categories:
Sound Guesser | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

If any of your kids would find this funny and educational, I would be really happy :)