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  1. Dominic_W's Avatar

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    Hi all,

    Say Your Appointment allows you to use your voice to create calendar appointments. Just 2 taps of the screen is all it takes.

    **New Year promotion - Get the app FREE until mid Feb 2013**

    Marketplace link: Say Your Appointment | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Say Your Appointment uses the latest speech recognition technology in Windows Phone 8 to help make creating new appointments easy and fast. Simply follow the prompts at each phase to dictate your appointment title, location, date with start time and duration.

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  2. Gsupport's Avatar

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    Handy app .. It would be awesome if you could say the subject and location of the appointment in one sentence imo
  3. Dominic_W's Avatar

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    Cheers, actually I've just submitted an update that address what you mentioned and also adds a 'go back' command.
  4. Sergiu Tr's Avatar

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    well, it's 0.99
  5. Dominic_W's Avatar

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    Sorry, but you're a year late. It states, "Get the app FREE until mid Feb 2013". There is always a free trial ;)
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    Found another app for events by voice.
    Works even better, because it can handle date ranges and countdowns.
    Check this out guys:
    Speak Your Appointment
    Speak Your Appointment | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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