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    It's with pleasure that i annouce you that Bowling Stats is now available (11/3/12)

    With this application you'll be able to add and modify your bowling games.
    Your games can be display under 3 views :
    - By week
    - By week and category
    - By category and week
    For each level of aggregation, the average is calculated

    There is also 3 graphs available. An overview, a graph by day and week.
    With those screen, you'll be able to follow the evolution of your game

    The app can be downloaded through this Link or with this QR Code :

    Best regards

    Below, you can find 2 screenshots
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    Oh, I love this! I'm a bowler and I'm in leagues. So, this is basically just a way to track your bowling progress throughout the season? I think I'll download this when I get my new phone in a couple of weeks. :D

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