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    I'm glad to announce my free application for WP7, SilverDict (current version is 1.2)

    SilverDict is a offline dictionary application, compatible with famous StarDict program by dictionaries format. Application is very fast, simple and reliable. You don't need to switch languages, SilverDict is using all installed and enabled dictionaries to search the words.

    On the first run, application will offer you to download and install dictionaries from online repository (based on free XDXF dictionary collection XDXF - XML Dictionary Exchange Format - Browse Files at SourceForge.net ) or your own dictionaries from cloud stores (SkyDrive or DropBox).

    Dictionary file archive for download and install should be:
    • in StarDict format (i.e. have *.idx, *.ifo, *.dict.dz or *.dict, optional *.syn files; also optional resource (images) directory;

    • dictionary archive should be zipped (has *.zip extension) or in Unix-style compressed tarball format .tar.bz2 in one file. For *.zip archive you may try to archive more then one dictionary;

    Of course, for downloading dictionaries you should have your Internet connection enabled (for download only, SilverDict does not required Internet connection)

    Please, be patient: dictionary installation requires some time (depending from dictionary size).

    I don't recommend you to install too many dictionaries; however, SilverDict can display up to 8 dictionaries simultaneously.

    Happy searching!

    Marketplace link
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    Another way to cut back on data usage; nice!
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    SilverDict version 1.3 is on Marketplace (both free and pain, $0.99 ads-free version)
    Update info: some bugs are fixed; added simplified umlauts (diacritic) characters input (using "regular" similar chars); improved "My Dictionaries" order handling.

    Enjoy! :happy:

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