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    Does Verizon still offer cell phone plans like the plans before mobile share plans were introduced. I have looked for the old plans on Verizon's web site but I couldn't find anything. If they do offer the old plans are the prices the same $39.99 for the cheapest line and $30 for 2GB of data?[
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    Wow, I can't seem to find their old plans anywhere on Verizon's site. I only see their shared plans and prepaid, and the price on those prepaid plans are ridiculous. I hope their old plans are still there and I just can't find them.
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    If you call in to customer service they have some different plans. I called and talked to them about my plan and bill today. Since I upgraded and had to get rid of my unlimited my bill is now $40 a month more. We talked about my options but couldn't come up with anything really any cheaper than what I have with a decent amount of data.
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    $40 is one heck of a price jump
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    Yes it is. It would have been cheaper to buy off contract on both of my lines. The only plus to shared data is that I can use the hotspot on both phones for no extra charge. That would be $20 per month for each line on my old plan. Honestly, I probably would have switched to AT&T if I would have realized how much more this was going to cost. It's a big jump no matter how I spin it.
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    That's how I feel about staying with AT&T. I'm paying them $138 a month and it should be cheaper because I got rid of my insurance but the bill doesn't reflect that yet. That's for two smartphones, 1GB shareable data, visual voicemail, mobile hotspot, and unlimited text/talk. Yet, I still don't feel like I'm getting any value for my money. Deep down I know I'm signed up for more stuff than I need.

    I have the unlock codes for both phones. I feel like I should just switch over to T-Mobile, get the $30 plan for my phone and the $50 plan for the other. That will save me about $40 a month. I get way more data and a much lower monthly bill. Heck, I could add in mobile hotspot for $15 a month and it's still cheaper than AT&T. The only thing that bothers me is T-Mobile's coverage and lack of LTE. Granted, T-Mobile's 4G is probably fast enough to satisfy my own-the-go needs, and it is available in my area. It's just... I want LTE so I can say I have LTE.
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    ^You know, now that I've typed out the pros and cons it really doesn't make any sense why I'm sticking with AT&T. I should just put on my big boy pants and live with 3G/4G speeds, lol.
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    I wouldn't go to either AT&T or Verizon. Verizon may have better coverage (that would be for now until Sprint starts using the 800MHz spectrum), AT&T sucks, and T-Mobile's coverage where I live is too limited. I would stick with Sprint which didn't have to do much improvements although having 3G coverage in places where I was on 1x prior to Network Vision deployment does help a lot.

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