Here's my situation. My family is 3 months out from our T-Mobile contract expiring. We currently pay 225 for unlimited data on all lines. Going to AT&T, our bill is looking to be 260 (after you count taxes and corporate discount). I've done some other math and here is what I'm looking at.

A total of 250 dollars in termination fees from T-Mobile
Remainder of the T-Mobile bill left for that month
AT&T activation fees = 175 on first bill

Now, I was wondering this. A gym I visit to has partnered with Best Buy (50 dollars off each upgrade). So basically, termination fee is overrided. However, because I'm bringing 5 lines over, do you think it's possible for AT&T to get rid of the activation fees as well? Otherwise, the bill with T-Mobile and AT&T is gonna result in me paying about 700-900 in a month's time.