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    Literally. Research In Motion is simply going by BlackBerry now.

    Research In Motion rebranded to BlackBerry
    "Engineering is more than just the number of megapixels." - Stephen Elop
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    Hmm Blackberry Hub - Where have i seen that before - all your contacts in one place with all their information and links???
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    The whole OS is mash of features of its competitors with a few tweaks to make them look more "blackberryly"(ha!).
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    I wouldn't count them out just yet. They're showing a lotta features that look pretty good, especially the ones within the camera.
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    I don't know an accurate English word that would describe this title. In German I'd use "reisserisch".

    ...'The Sun' style? ;-)

    I was never a fan of BlackBerry, but I'm looking forward to the first serious reviews.

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